All services are guaranteed to be provided observing the strictest confidentiality

Around-the-clock care

Customers are provided with the necessary assistance to quit alcohol and to remove the state of abstinence twenty four hours a day.

Out-patient treatment

Our narcologists offer a 5-day out-patient course of treatment allowing the organism to recover from a prolonged period of excessive drinking.

“Boozing” stopper

A detox therapy is being used, for the duration of which the customer is under the supervision of medical staff for 6 or 24 hours.

Call-out care

We offer call-out services as a part which we assist the customer in stopping the excessive prolonger use of alcohol as well as to remove the state of abstinence. Services are available throughout the territory of Latvia.

Compulsive gambler treatment

We offer our support and assistance to the customers that are suffering from the above type of addictions.

Narcologist’s consultation

During times when the urge to drink presents itself or one is suffering from unpleasant sensations including insomnia and depression as well as if alcohol is causing problems at work and within the family, a narcologist’s consultation may provide the necessary assistance. In the meantime we offer consultations to the relatives of the person suffering from the addition.

A consultation may take up to 45 minutes. First consultation costs Ls 15, while a repeated consultation shall cost Ls 10.

“A torpedo” or introduction of the sensibilization remedy

If alcohol starts to get in a way of living your life of the full, or if you feel uncertain that you are going to be able to restrain yourself from the use of alcohol with your own strength, we offer a service that shall allow you to restrain from drinking for a longer of time.

Mitigating the state of abstinence

The desired length of a detox course is 2 – 3 days. The cost of the course is Ls 40 per day.

The treatment course includes IV systems and the use of medication at least 3 times a day along with the attentive and courteous care on the part of the staff.