The treatment services at the medical centre “Varaviksne” are tailored individually for each patient. During the stay, the patient is provided with medical assistance, sanitary care and catering services to the taste of each patients. During the course of the therapy, the patient is constantly under the care of the physician.

The medical centre is located in the beautiful Latvian city of Ogre (approximately 30km from Riga). Our medical centre provides quality narcology care.  Our company employs only certified and highly qualified physicians – narcologists along with nurses. Our services include the treatment from the additions of alcohol, drugs and psychotropic substances as well as of gambling addiction. We also perform detox courses and offer narcologists consultations at the centre.

We shall treat every patient who will be willing to enter the treatment. Nobody is forced and no violence shall be employed. A successful result may be achieved only via a mutual dialogue.

The medical centre features light-filled and cosy wards. Consultations are provided by qualified physicians but the care is implemented by professional nurses. Our team consists of only certified physicians and nurses. We work twenty four hours a day without holidays. You may always reach us by calling 2 7701777.

We offer our services in the treatment of addiction patients; we provide only quality medical care and treatment in comfortable conditions.